Wahlstrom & Associates is a firm with over 30 years of experience in the design, negotiation and placement of structured settlement annuity programs to fund personal injury awards. In that time span we have been one of the pioneers of plaintiff/claimant advocacy and worked as structured settlement planners for major law firms across the US. Our commitment and history as consultants has given us an demonstrated track record of assisting injury victims and annuitants with the complex and confusing process of planning their needs using structured settlement annuity contracts. 

As such we are uniquely qualified to work as Independent Professional Advisors as defined under the structured settlement protection act of 2002 which has codified the process by which annuity recipients may elect to sell or factor some of their structured settlement payments under careful court supervision. In a move that is required currently in nine states, a person looking to sell their structured settlement payments must first engage an "Independent professional Advisor" to review the proposed offer to purchase and provide a report to the court attesting to the value and suitability of the proposal. 

The California Insurance Code, for example, provides the following definitions and requirements as they relate to engaging an Independent Professional Advisor to review your structured settlement payment proposal before you go to court. (CAL. INS. CODE § 10134 : California Code - Section 10134)

 (f) "Independent professional advice" means advice of an attorney, certified public accountant, actuary, or other licensed professional adviser meeting all of the following requirements:

(1) The adviser is engaged by a claimant or payee to render advice concerning the legal, tax, or financial implications of a structured settlement or a transfer of structured settlement payment rights.

(2) The adviser's compensation for rendering independent professional advice is not affected by occurrence or lack of occurrence of a settlement or transfer.

(3) A particular adviser is not referred to the payee by the transferee or its agent, except that the transferee may refer the payee to a lawyer referral service or agency operated by a state or local bar association.

In short, there are few firms more suited to help you unwind a structure that no longer fits your needs and determining what your best options are to sell your payment program. Wahlstrom & Associates will ONLY work on a fee basis and never takes finder fee's, referral fee's or commission's from the purchasor's of annuity cash flows. Our objective is to quickly and professionally assist you with this transaction and to insure you obtain the best possible price and that you get through the court approval process as quickly as possible. 

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