Wahlstrom and Associates has developed over the past 15 years a high degree of specialization in the negotiation, settlement and disbursement of multi-claimant and mass tort claims. While there are large national firms that by necessity are needed to handle the headline, national mass torts with tens of thousands of claimants, Wahlstrom & Associates has instead worked to create a more "lawyer friendly" process using qualified settlement funds and local administrators to manage and distribute awards on more moderately scaled settlements. 

Examples of recent cases handled by Wahlstrom & Associates include: 

  • A national billion dollar crop damage and business loss settlement for farmers who utilized a certain strain of genetically modified seeds. We were successful in designing firm or state specific qualified settlement funds to process claims, handle allocation disputes and structure taxable payments into future years for many of the farmers and their attorneys. 
  • Local contaminated water cases where old industrial dumps fouled water, created known health risks and potential future illness. Payments were collected over time from various defendants, payments were made to claimants and future fund held in a recurrence fund in the event members or their families came down with chemical spill related illness. 
  • Consolidation of funds in a national pharmaceutical litigation, allowing local counsel to speed up claims resolution, acquire a local lien resolution firm and provide expedited payment to clients due to a smaller more regional scale. 
  • Consolidation of a group of 45 claimants in a sexual abuse case against a local church. Development of a strategy to create pooled funds, collect contributions and settlements from various defendants, design settlement payment models and meet with each family to discuss planning options.  

These and other cases are just a few examples of our administrative and design capacity on mass torts and multi-claimant case. Each of these is strategically designed and priced on a set fee basis that is filed with the court and fully disclosed to claimants and other interested parties. .