Wahlstrom & Associates. The new site is finally up!

Well, under the heading of, the cobblers children are always the last ones to get shoes, so goes this site for Wahlstrom & Associates.

As many of you know I'm a major stakeholder in The Legal Broadcast network, along with my own shows and content on The Settlement channel, and as such for the better part of the last year my efforts and time have been channeled into those ventures. Often at the expense of my primary business, that being, Wahlstrom & Associates.

As you cruise through the site you'll notice a lot of the content is still slowly coming up, but the key elements are in place.

1. My blog page, which we have decided to put front and center on the opening page for you to read and keep up with.

2. My bio page, so you know who Mark Wahlstrom is, what my company does and why you might need to be working with us.

3. How to contact me in the event you DO want to work with me.

4. What areas of expertise you can expect to find if you choose to work with my firm.

So, look around, kick the tires, send me a note or post to the blog, but check back on a regular basis as we build this out into a site that is a source of news, information and education in the area of settlement planning and structured settlement annuities.