Looking for the expert on Structured Legal Fees?

You've come to the right place.

As many of our readers and listeners on both The Settlement Channel and The Legal Broadcast Network know, probably no one in the settlement industry has pushed quite as hard as Mark Wahlstrom to educate attorney's, accountants and other tax professionals about the incredible changes in both the tax law and insurance world regarding Structured Legal Fees. 

In our broadcasts on The Settlement Channel we have done video podcasts with company executives extolling the virtues of this product. Click here to see it!

In our audio podcasts on The Legal Broadcast Network we have brought you some of the leading tax experts in the nation to explain the tax law behind this dramatic opportunity to defer your taxes. Click here to listen!

The facts are there for any attorney or tax expert looking to use a totally legal, approved method of securing and deferring legal fees into future year, with competitive rates of tax deferred interest earnings, on virtually any personal injury case.

1. You don't need to have your client structuring their award for you to structure your legal fee.

2. You can find companies that will pay your legal fee for LIFE.

3. There are companies that will pay the legal fee for the joint life of you and your spouse.

4. There are companies that will pay the fee to your firm

5. There are no limits as to how you structure. Monthly, annual, quarterly, balloon lump sums, you decide how you want to pay it.

6. The full present value is available to your estate upon your death, OR, they can elect to continue the payments. They choose.

These are just a few of the options. The only thing you need to do now is get over your fear and reluctance, get educated on what is available, and then call Wahlstrom & Associates, THE Legal fee experts, to assist you in putting your fee structure into place so you can save taxes now and earn more in the future.

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