Vioxx settlement Checks, where are they and what should you do with them?

One of the biggest questions on the minds of desperate and exhausted Vioxx claimants is when will the endless process of determining value on the settlement wind up and when can they expect their checks. In this video Mark Wahlstrom discusses the options and current situation facing Vioxx plaintiffs and others who took the Merck manufactured drug and had their lives altered permanently as a result of a stroke or a heart attack.

In addition to being one of the nations premier experts in settlement planning and using structured settlements, Mark Wahlstrom is also the host of the Settlement Channel, and in this weekly broadcast attempts to answer some of the basic issues on the minds of Vioxx claimants. What are these letters they are receiving from their lawyers, what settlement options do they have, what decisions do they need to make right now and how do they plan to use their settlement funds wisely.

Listen to this 8 minute broadcast to get up to speed on the Vioxx settlement and your settlement options.