Wahlstrom & Associates to co-host exclusive conference on taxable damages litigation and settlement strategies

Thats the headline of this unique little conference Wahlstrom & Associates will be hosting, along with our friends at Brook Hollow Financial, on the sleeping giant of taxable damages litigation and settlement strategies.

Lets face it, how many settlement professionals and trial lawyers are tired of the same, old, dry, boring and pointless seminars that promise much and deliver little? Even more so they  are tired of having their time and money wasted, as well as going to hotels so big  they never get a chance to network with the people they went to meet. Plus, who wouldn't want to have some fun, get some sunshine, enjoy themselves and really learn how to launch  their professional practice into a powerful new area filled with amazing potential?

The area of taxable damage litigation, coupled with the topic of showing trial lawyers and their advisors how to structure their legal fees, is the sleeping giant in litigation and professional practice. In fact it is estimated the taxable damage litigation market dwarfs the non-taxable, personal injury market, yet only a tiny fraction of lawyers and settlement experts make any effort to understand it and learn how to work in this important arena.

That said, then I think it is clear that it is time for lawyers and settlement professinals alike to take a break from the usual and come to Scottsdale, Arizona on April 12th and 13th and join us for an exclusive, limited attendance event held at the hip, mid-century modern Hotel Valley Ho.

The two day meeting will allow attorneys to receive up to 8 hours of CLE  and financial professionals up to 10 hours of CE credit, all while networking with and learning from top professionals, staying at a 5 star  boutique hotel and even, do we dare say it, attending a cocktail party at the classic Trader Vic's, all for far less then you would pay for your standard Gulag type convention and meeting elsewhere. Meeting people face to face, having fun, learning something that puts rocket fuel in your practice, all at prices that don't make you weep when the credit card bill arrives; what could be more old school than that?

The Mid Century Modern Classic, Hotel Valley Ho is the host location for the

As I mentioned, the hosts for this event will be Wahlstrom & Associates, the nations leading experts in managing taxable damage litigation, and Brook Hollow Financial, the industry innovators in structured legal fees and sophisticated solutions for trial lawyer financial strategies. Together they we will be bringing the top legal, tax, trial and management experts from around the country to discuss the amazing practice building opportunities for trial lawyers, as well as the settlement and tax experts that work with them,. We intend to cover the areas of taxable damage litigation such as employment law, discrimination cases, wrongful imprisonment, environmental claims, property loss on the Gulf Coast and Qui Tam/Whistleblower cases.

Trader Vic's, location for our cocktail party and mixer

However, more than just a conference on what this area of law is all about, we will also have segments designed to show lawyers how to start KEEPING the money and fees you make through the use of structured legal fees. I mean what lawyer wouldn't  like to learn how to make fully taxable fees either be taxed at lower rates, or even some cases, tax deductible using conservative, insured strategies offered by the largest financial providers in the US?

Featured speakers and topic areas include:

"The tax and legal foundation for taxable damage cases and claims",presented by the man who literally wrote the book, Attorney Robert Wood.

"Environmental and contamination cases", presented by the Civil Action Attorney, Jan Schlichtmann.

"A timely insiders look at the Gulf Coast claims process and litigation ",presented by Frederick T. "Rick" Kuykendall III of the Murphy Law Firm.

"How to structure a legal fee on a taxable damage case and build a financially strong practice", presented by Brook Hollow Financial of Chicago, IL, one of the nations leaders in innovative solutions for trial lawyers.

"Managing a multi-claimant case using 468B trusts and protecting the rights of your clients", presented by Mark Wahlstrom, President of Wahlstrom Associates, experts in taxable damage litigation management.

"Using new media to build, promote and grow your practice", presented by Scott Drake, host and producer for The Legal Broadcast Network.

"Allstate Financial, Dan Durbin, Senior Manager of Allstate Structured Settlements, speaking on the types of non-qualified annuity cases Allstate will accept and the expansion into additional areas such as celebrity endorsement fees."

" What happens when you need to liquidate or unwind a taxable case" presented by Attorney Matt Bracy of Settlement Capital.

Plus many more speakers from companies such as Kenmare Assignment CompanyFirst Capital, Liberty Mutual, Synergy Settlement Services, Sequence Media Group and others.

Again, attendance is going to be VERY LIMITED and the room block at Hotel Valley Ho is tight as well. So register now and then CLICK HERE TO RESERVE YOUR ROOM AT HOTEL VALLEY HO and be sure to ask for your convention rate as part of the Wahlstrom Associates/Brook Hollow event.

CLICK HERE TO GO TO THE EVENT PAGE BLOG AND TO SEE THE FULL AGENDA  and watch for updates on speakers, room blocks and when we are sold out. This will be the first conference of its kind in over 10 years and you need to be there.

"Please note this event is designed for trial lawyers, tax accountants, CPA's, primary market structured settlement professionals and invited speakers. Given the very limited size of this event we reserve the right to limit attendance to those who actively work in those professions and or those companies whose business model does not conflict with or compete with those of the event sponsors. If you have a question regarding the suitability for attendance please contact us by email and check with us prior to registration."