Structured sales. What to do now that Allstate has left the structured sale market

In this weeks edition of Speaking of Settlements, Mark Wahlstrom looks at the implications of Allstate Financial's recent decision to shut down their structured settlement division, and with it the ability to use their off shore assignment company to write a wide variety of taxable damage and property sale structures.

These unique products fall under a couple of categories, but each of them has the common thread that they require the use of an off shore assignment and benefited from the Allstate Financial name, deep pockets and marketing muscle to get them done.

  1. Structured Sales- The ability to spread out over time the tax hit on the sale of real estate assets. 
  2. Structured Oil and Gas Lease bonus payments- The ability to structure or spread out the tax burden on the up front bonus payments for leasing ground to drill on. A huge new market in the oil-shale fields across the US.
  3. Structured Divorce cases- Again a tool that allowed certain aspects of a divorce settlement to be funded but paid over time.
  4. Structured celebrity endorsement income- A huge potential market focused on spreading out endorsement payments over time.

Each of these were powerful, unique markets and Mark Wahlstrom look's at how you should approach each of them now that the major underwriter is out. There are choices but you need to know what your options are and how to proceed.