For over 30 years Wahlstrom & Associates has provided strategic consulting and boutique financial advice for trial lawyers in the specialized arena of structured settlements, settlement planning and mass tort litigation. Our dedicated focus on protecting the rights of injury victims, plaintiffs and empowering the law firms who represent them, has earn us a national reputation as thought leaders in settlement and litigation consulting. Instead of selling financial products we concentrate on providing strategic solutions for our client's problems, refusing to squeeze them into a "solutions box" that fits a standard structured settlement compensation model forced on them by the defense. We have become the trusted experts for our trial lawyer clients and an invaluable resource of objective advice and information for their injured clients.


  • Settlement Planning for injury victims in personal injury claims and cases. If the consultant you retain cannot effectively plan your client's future needs using a structured settlement model, then all other skills of that consultant are useless. With over 30 years of experience and thousands of cases Wahlstrom & Associates brings unparalleled experience in working with injury victims and their families on structured settlement design, placement and service..
  • Design and Administration of Qualified Settlement Funds and IRS section 468B trusts. Wahlstrom & Associates pioneered the use of these unique litigation tools which assist trial lawyers in effectively administering complex multi-claimant cases that can take months or years to resolve at a substantially lower cost than other national firms. Our strategic design expertise can eliminate most administrative liability for trial lawyers handling long tail mass tort cases as part of their practice. 
  • Structured legal fees and case/litigation financing.  Years of experience has taught us that most trial lawyers put the needs of their clients and cases first and in the process fail to properly plan for their own futures by utilizing one of the most effective planning tools available, the structured legal fee. By coupling our exclusive case financing tools with contemporary structured legal fee options, we are able to reduce case finance costs, eliminate huge settlement tax burdens and design an income flow that even's out tax obligations and funds future litigation or retirement plans for our trial lawyer clients.
  • Mass Tort claims administration and supervision. While we do not actively seek out administration of national mass tort claims cases, Wahlstrom & Associates has carved out a nationally recognized specialization in handling firm specific or regionally based multi-claimant settlement or mass tort case administration. Having handled both taxable damage, medical device and environmental damage cases, we are prepared to administer your QSF or mass tort settlement in a professional and expedient fashion while coordinating and cooperating with MDL administration on a national level.
  • Structured sales and taxable damage structured settlements. As one of the leaders in the taxable damage structured payment field, as well as being one of the early leaders in the area of structured asset/property sales using assignment company installment sales techniques, our firm can show you how to spread out taxable gains and taxable income in each of these unique areas of specialization. 
  • Expert witness, strategic consulting and Independent Professional Advisor services. Many law firms need a consulting partner who has decades of experience in the court room, meditations and settlement conferences. Our firm works on a fee basis to help design settlement plans, litigation strategies and allocation grids on cases of all sizes and levels of complexity. We also will work on a fee basis with claimants who are looking to sell or factor their structured settlement income streams so as to comply with state and judicial requirements to consult with an outside expert advisor in structured settlements.