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Wahlstrom & Associates is a firm with national scope and decades of experience working with lawyers, claimants and others who need our specialized services anywhere in the United States. As a national firm with over 6000 cases resolved over 30 years you can be assured that if you are facing a particularly difficult situation that we have probably seen it and handled it before. Our experience is extensive, our resources are unmatched and our work product is respected by trial lawyers across the United States.

The key areas of expertise that we feel set us apart:.

  • Settlement planning using structured settlements for personal injury victims. Few firms have handled more cases, over a longer period of time and focused on plaintiff issues to the degree Wahlstrom & Associates has. 
  • The strategic application and use of 468B trusts and Qualified Settlement Funds to manage, administer and allocate awards in multi-claimant litigation, personal injury and property loss cases. We can confidently state that our experience in using their innovative settlement tools and tactics has helped pioneer a new era in how multi-claimant and mass tort litigation is negotiated, administered and allocated to injury victims.
  • Structured attorney fees and case financing. Assisting trial lawyers to convert taxable legal fees into tax deductible, secured and guaranteed retirement income through the use of structured legal fee programs and qualified tax planning tools. 
  • Assisting mediators and litigators on an hourly fee basis. We work with the firm and your experts to design negotiation, trial and mediation strategies on both personal injury and multi-claimant cases as well as expert witness testimony regarding settlement planning practices.
  • Structured Sales of capital assets. Using installment sale and assignment techniques to structure the sale of farm land, commercial property and oil and gas lease bonus payments over time, so as to spread out capital gain taxes and even out cash flow. 
  • Independent Professional Advisor services. As the practice of selling structured settlement cash flow's for cash now increases, state regulations and judicial oversight is requiring the use of Independent Professional Advisors to assist people in determining the value and suitability of the transaction. Our office provides these services on a fee only basis for those looking to sell all or part of their structured settlement income.

Wahlstrom & Associates has made a substantial investment in internet broadcasting, online work tools and back office technologies that guarantee you will receive the correct answer to your questions, quickly and in the format you desire. Our extensive video library on The Settlement Channel, featuring Mark Wahlstrom discussing the products, tactics and strategies involved in the broad range of services we offer, allows you to learn how a certain tactic works and to determine if Wahlstrom & Associates is the right partner to help you solve your specific problem or issue.  

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