Mark Wahlstrom featured in Robb Report Vacation Homes edition.

In the current edition of Robb Report Vacation homes, December 2006/ January 2007 Mark Wahlstrom was featured in an article entitled "The annuity Way" discussing the use of structured sale annuities to fund installment real estate sales.

The article was written by John Morell and reviews the recent increased awareness of the product, how it is applied in real estate sales and it's application in the vacation and second home markets.

In a frustrating note, they don't have an online link to the story available on the Robb Report web site, but I'm working on getting a clean pdf file copy to post here on the site. In the mean time, go pick up a copy at the news stand or contact my office and i'll fax you a copy of it for you to read and review.

The general awareness of the financial and real estate community about the relatively new use of this product is starting to increase, and there are more and more real estate professionals looking to offer this to their clients. If you are a financial, tax or real estate professional who is looking to learn more about how you can offer structured sales to your clients, contact my office and lets talk about working together on this. Lets use your local knowledge and contacts, and my expertise in structured sales to assist your clients with their tax and cash flow planning.