Structured legal fees continue to grow in popularity.

I was recently talking to a client attorney of mine who had recently structured his legal fee on a case, and he was remarking how the ability of trial lawyers to defer income through the use of structured legal fees is still widely unknown.

I mentioned to him that I have probably structured more legal fees in the last 5 months then I structured in all of the preceding 5 years, and that while a lot of attorneys are slow to adopt and recognize an advantage, that more and more financial and tax planning experts are becoming aware of the option, and seeking out ways to make it available to their clients.

As one of the few firms that actively partners with financial planners, insurance professionals, CPA's and other experts to assist them in working with their legal clients to structure their fees, the growth in interest and number of cases we are currently in the process of closing is truly astonishing compared to where we were as an industry just 18 months ago.

The certainty provided both by amendment to the tax code and the Banks and Banatis Supreme Court decisions have taken the guess work and risk out of structuring, or deferring legal fees, into future years. As each week passes more and more people are looking for experts to assist them, and Wahlstrom & Associates is one of the nations leaders in the placement of structured attorney fee annuity contracts. If you are an attorney, tax planner, investment advisor or financial planner who works with trial lawyers, give us a call or drop me an email to discuss how we can work with you.