Joe Jamail discusses structured settlements

Famed trial lawyer Joe Jamail, the attorney that brought in a $12 billion verdict against Texaco in the landmark Pennzoil vs Texaco case was recently interviewed by the Legal Broadcast Network while at a NSSTA regional in Austin, TX.

Mr. Jamail had spoken at length to the members of the National Structured Settlement Trade Association earlier in the day and then agreed to an interview to discuss the vital importance of structured settlements as a tool for injury victims and others who receive large court awards. Very often it is the trial lawyer who over looks the key role they play in providing settlement options to their clients, matching them up with a qualified settlement professional and explaining how the structured settlement annuity is used to guarantee tax free income and future funds to protect them and their family.

You can view this entire video, that was sponsored by NSSTA and produced by The Legal Broadcast Network, by either clicking on the TV screen in this blog or clicking on this link. If you are considering the option of using a structured settlement or if you are a trial lawyer wondering what your responsibility is to obtain professional advice for your client, this is a very valuable video for you to watch.

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