Structured settlements, still your best option.

In this weeks edition of Speaking of Settlements, Mark Wahlstrom discusses the various options available to trial lawyers and their clients when deciding where to put their settlement proceeds. Over the last 30 years one choice has stood the test of time, a structured settlement, and with today's exceptionally unstable economy and week financial markets the structured settlement annuity looks better and better.

The fact is we are looking at a mortgage crisis that has caused massive instability in financial institutions in the US, with bank failures escalating sharply, real estate plunging in value, commercial lenders and brokerage houses scrambling for cash in the face of liquidity needs and plunging asset values, and now the looming monetary inflation that will pound long term bond holders.

In this video Mark goes over the benefits of a structured settlement annuity in these troubled times and compares it to most of the other financial options available to the average citizen attempting to use their settlement wisely.

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