Cash is King, structured settlement income has amazing value

In this edition of Speaking of Settlements, Mark Wahlstrom, the President of Wahlstrom and Associates and the host of The Settlement Channel, discusses the economic downturn, unemployment and financial uncertainty related to JOBS and why guaranteed income and cash has never been more important for families.

One of the greatest mistakes plaintiffs, injury victims and trial lawyers make it to assume they will always be able to generate a secure, sufficient income through their employments, a wifes job, investment income or other sources. The sad fact is that other then a social security check and some pensions from blue chip employers are the only guaranteed monthly income anyone really has, particularly in a market with depressed interest rates, rising unemployment, under employment and sharply lower savings and retirement accounts.

The structured settlement annuity, when issued by a large, responsible life insurance company has proven over 30 years to be the single most effective means of providing stable, guaranteed, tax free income for injury victims, their families and increasingly for lawyers themselves who need to defer taxes and guarantee income to fund their law practices.

Check out this weeks Speaking of Settlements and remind your clients again why the structured settlement is usually the single most effective means of protecting your clients long term financial health.