Agenda and speakers for Taxable Damages and Structured Legal Fee seminar

For those of you who are attending the Taxable Damages and Structured Legal Fee Seminar we have finally nailed down the speaker list, order and agenda. As you can imagine pulling over eighteen different speakers in a one and a half day conference is quite a feat, but we pulled it off! We have sold out the event, it should be a great time and hopefully launches a lot of professionals into the start of building a professional practice centered around taxable damage litigation and structured legal fees. The setting is the Hotel Valley Ho and we look forward to seeing you there.

Agenda – April 12, 2011

The foundation of knowledge on taxable damage cases


8:00 am            REGISTRATION AND CONTINENTAL BREAKFAST (Valley Ho I Room @ Hotel Valley Ho))


8:30 am            OPENING REMARKS – Day 1                                                                  

                         Mark Wahlstrom, President, Wahlstrom & Associates, Scottsdale, AZ


8:45 am            "Foundation and tax history on Taxable Damages Litigation"

                         Attorney Robert C. Wood, Wood & Porter, San Francisco, CA


 9:45 am            BREAK


 10:00 am         "Taxable Damage Cases in Employment and Workplace litigation."

                         Attorney Wayne Outten, Outten & Golden, New York, NY


11:00 am          "Multi-claimant & Taxable Damage Mass Tort Litigation"

                         Attorney Jan Schlichtmann, Beverly, MA


12:00 noon      LUNCH – Rick Kuykendall, Esq. – "Gulf Oil Spill Litigation, Taxable damages

                                                                               and claimants rights"


 1:00 pm           " Deferred Legal Fees, How to defer legal fees on taxable damage cases"

                         Brook-Hollow Financial, Chicago, IL


2:00 pm            "Multi-claimant litigation Solutions, Using the QSF and other tools to manage large

                         taxable damage cases."

                         Mark Wahlstrom, President, Wahlstrom & Associates, Scottsdale, AZ


 2:30 pm            "Solution Providers, A look at the companies who fund taxable deferred settlements"

  • Allstate International Assignments/Allstate Financial
  • Liberty & Barco Assignments
  • Kenmare Assignment Company


3:30 pm           " Liquidity options on taxable damage funding and Non-Qualified annuity contracts."

                         Matt Bracy, General Counsel for Settlement Capital, Dallas, TX


4:00 pm          "Marketing your taxable damages expertise in a new media world, how to stay compliant"

                        Amy McIlwaine, President of Financial Social Media


4:40 pm           Panel discussion with members of the legal, financial, trust and settlement professions      discussing the current non-qualified planning options, legal theory and approaches handling taxable damages planning.


5:30 pm            Close of Day One of Conference!


6:30 pm           COCKTAIL PARTY & NETWORKING – Trader Vic’s (@ The Valley Ho)


8:30 pm                                                DINNER ON YOUR OWN


Agenda – April 13, 2011

 How to apply the necessary tools and knowledge to build your taxable damages and legal fee professional practice.


8:00 am            CONTINENTAL BREAKFAST (Tropicana Room @ The Hotel Valley Ho)


8:15 am            OPENING REMARKS AND DAY ONE REVIEW– Day 2                                                                 

                         Mark Wahlstrom, President, Wahlstrom & Associates, Scottsdale, AZ


8:20 am            "Using non qualified SPIA’s to fund post settlement cash flow or finance retirement benefits".

                         Mal Deener, National Sales Manager, Symetra Financial


8:45 am            "Qualified plans, Using structured legal fees to fund high dollar guaranteed retirements for attorneys"

                         Mark Wahlstrom, Qualified Settlement Planners, LLC


9:15 am            "Using non-traditional settlement funding to grow your structured legal fee practice"

                         Brian Michaels, Esq, Brook Hollow Financial, Chicago, IL


10:00 am          "A revolution in the design of non-qualified income and cash flow using secondary market structures."

                         Jason Lazarus, Synergy Financial, Orlando, FL


10:30 am         "How To Work With A Trust Company to build your Non-qualified settlement practice"

                         Tim Denehy, VP, First Capital Surety and Trust Company, Milwaukee, WI


11:00 am         "Building your Taxable Damages and Structured Legal Fee Practice, The action plan to brand, market and create a powerful, compliant professional practice by partnering with experts."

                        Mark Wahlstrom, President, Wahlstrom & Associates, Scottsdale, AZ


12:00 pm          LUNCH ON YOUR OWN – Enjoy Scottsdale!


EVENT SUMMARY:   Day One is purposely designed be fast paced and to follow a logical progression of speakers on how taxable damage cases work, the types of cases, who the providers are and what the lawyers who work in this specialty approach this area of practice. This is the foundation.

Day Two is geared exclusively to show settlement and financial professionals how to partner with experts and firms to immediately expand your product and service offerings to legal, insurance and self insured clients in the Non-Qualified annuity area. This is the application section on how to put it to use in your practice.