Speaking of Settlements, Sweep away the lies

In this weeks broadcast of Speaking of Settlements I review my two part commentary on the twin pillars of the structured settlement profession, and how one is solid and the other is crumbling as a result of fundamental flaws, lies and secrets.

I won’t rehash the written commentary, you can find them here on the blog posts, but if you want to watch a video summary of what is ailing the structured settlement profession, as well as some ideas of how we can restart sales once again, check out this weeks video commentary on Speaking of Settlements.

Every week I’ll provide both a written and video commentary on issues facing the structured settlement profession, settlement planning ideas and financial issues of interest to trial lawyers. You can follow me by reading the blog, or you can go to the Speaking of Settlements web site and view all of the similarly related content presented by a variety of lawyers, experts and settlement professionals.

( Mark Wahlstrom is the host of The Settlement Channel and is featured on Speaking of Settlements. He is generally considered one of the nations leading experts in structured settlements, settlement planning and structured legal fees.)