What is a structured settlement?

I know it is a simple and to many a rudimentary question, but as part of our on going educational process Speaking of Settlements is taking a basic question related to structured settlements and answering it in a video format of five minutes or less.

These are designed as consumer friendly, non-scripted, answers to the frequently asked questions related to the settlement planning process, presented with links to industry or objective academic sources where consumers, trial lawyers and others can look for unbiased information as they decide if a structured settlement is right for them.

This will be a weekly feature for the rest of the year as we build a resource library on Speaking of Settlements that is not “firm specific” but is a helpful resource for lawyers, tax professionals, planners and plaintiffs. Feel free to send me questions or topics you’d like to have covered.

In this video I suggest that people link to the Wikipedia article on structured settlements, NSSTA’s web site as well as The Society of Settlement Planners.

You can find each of the links by clicking on them from the article.

( Mark Wahlstrom is the host of The Settlement Channel, sponsor of Speaking of Settlements and generally regarded as one of the nations leading experts on structured settlements, settlement planning and structured legal fees.)